To Learn is to change

Every Journey begins with the first step

The biggest advantage is the ability to learn

We help build learning organisations.


Give your team the edge

One Step at a Time

Leading edge training in


Change Management,

Project Management,

Product Design, Marketing,

Business Design &

Self Management.


Courses include

Innovation, Design Thinking, Service Design, Persuasive Design, Life Design and GO (Get Organised)

At Step by Step we make learning easy, fun and engaging
Complex skills are learnt by breaking down the individual skills into tiny steps

When these steps are put together we are able to do almost everything

What makes our courses different?

We make learning easy, by understanding how the brain processes information and learns.

We structure our courses and workshops into easily digestible and enjoyable experiences.

We put in the effort to simplify things so you don’t have to

We show you deep learning techniques to help to learn new skills.

Benjamin Franklin said

“Tell me and I will forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I  learn”

We believe face to face and peer learning is the most effective and engaging way to learn and engage with a topic.

A learning experience has to be relevant, truly engaging, enjoyable and transformative.

By making our courses and events memorable, fun, engaging, and interactive you will remember better.

Our aim is for the attendees of our courses and workshops to achieve personal mastery, grow in confidence and feel in a state of “flow”.


Step by Step

Learning Made Easy

Courses and Corporate Events

Find out more

Persuasive Design

Eureka: Innovation beyond Design Think

The Wetware Advantage Upgrade the firmware of your company

Custom courses for your organisation... Creating competitive advantage

What are company courses?

Learning with a Purpose, Practical, and Useful. Making your people productive and efficient,

Our aim is to be practical and action-oriented, so we tailor our courses to suit your organisation, focused on its goals, problems/opportunities.

We take leading techniques like Design Thinking and Systems Thinking and help you apply these to your company, people and situation.

The aim is to upgrade your team’s skills and thinking to help you build your organisation.

If you want a company course for your team or company, contact us now

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