This ad from HSBC sums up the challenge we all have about procrastination.

We live such busy lives that unless we manage our selves well, so much gets left undone.

When we want to avoid being caught in this trap, getting ourselves organised is critical

Do you find find that you procrastinate ?

Sometimes we dont do things because we really dont want to do them ?

The reality is that is its something that is aligned to your values and you like doing it then you will probably do it.

However many things dont get done because they are not something we want to do.

In this case what you need to do is to build a system that reduces the cognitve load/ego depletion.

This can range from

reducing distractions, (switch of the notifications, put your phone in airplane mode)

2 minute rule – if you do it right awa the effort of managing those tasks is usually more than doing it right away

you can also use other techniques from behaviour science – these videos will show you some of these techniques

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