Everyone struggles with zips from time to time. I recently had a zip break off one of my favourite jackets, it infuriated me. Then there’s the Superdry jackets which have countless numbers of zips.

One commonplace for this struggle is when we’re wearing gloves we can’t grip the zip. Once we have the zip slotted into place, zipping it up is the easy part.

This isn’t just a problem with people who wear gloves either, as someone who suffers with their fine motor skills through Dyspraxia, zipping up jackets becomes a chore and takes more time than necessary to actually zip up.

With these flaws noted, the zip was long due an innovation upgrade.

So what was the solution?


Using a magnetic slot at the bottom of the jacket, saves plenty of consumers time and frustration when trying to connect the two sides of the zip together. DNS Designs came up with the prototype and they called it the Quickzip.


So when the Quickzip (now Magzip) came out, it met so many demands, but the problem now was marketing the product.

Originally it was targeted towards people with disabilities such as myotonic dystrophy. However, it was soon realised that zip frustration was a global problem

So when Under Armour started to use the design on their premium products, they had to find a way to target as many people as possible.


If you compare the original Quickzip advertisement with the Under Armour advertisement, you can really see the difference in targeted messages and the significance of knowing your audience and how to message them when you’re trying to market an innovative product.

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