Do you ever wonder how ideas are marketed ?

Do you every wonder how films are marketed. Marketing accounts for up to 20 percent of a films budget and can run to hundreds of millions of dollars.

Today it’s June the 5th but I got an ad for a film to be released in September.

So why do film company’s start marketing when the film is still in the post production stage – being edited etc. Whether you are Apple or Hollywood, socialising an idea early is so important.

People buy what they are familiar with and if people think they “know” about it, then the decision to go to see it is easier.

Creating a “memory” and familiarity about your product is important.

Even new ideas new to be socialised and the earlier and softer the messaging is, the easier it is for that memory and connections to grow.

Content marketing works by adding more hooks and triggers that can later on be activated.

When we talk about share of mind, this effect combined with frequency sets the stage for priming during the “Sales” cycle

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