Making checklists at the beginning of each workday can help improve personal efficiency as well as minimise mistakes.

It ensures you get your daily, weekly and monthly tasks done on time, helps you keep track of projects on deadline and ensures you’re organised throughout the day.

Checklists should include time for meetings and communication as well as your daily assignments.

Creating regular patterns ensures more effective and efficient usage of your time, as well as your businesses’ time.

Organising your day will help you avoid mistakes while freeing up some of your mental bandwidth.

You will be able to focus on the individual tasks without being stressed about finding time for your other assignments.

Checklists greatly assist in facilitating communication.

Complicated tasks get broken down into individual assignments and using a checklist will ensure that the appropriate persons are communicating to resolve any issues that may arise, and quickly decide on how to move forward.

Checklists should be easy to read and follow.

You run the risk of increasing your stress level by bombarding your schedule, so generally speaking your checklist should only be between five to ten items and ideally should fit on one page.

There is sometimes resistance to using the checklists.

Professionals who see themselves as “artists” in their occupation do not want their creativity and imagination to be reduced to a dull checklist.

It can also be hard for individuals to take the time to stop and reflect when they feel as if they are being bombarded with assignments.

As the stress continues to build up, organizational skills can often fall by the wayside at the most inopportune time.

The checklist is not meant to stifle creativity nor is it meant to take time away from your work.

Breaking down the work for the day will help establish a higher level of performance for yourself as well as your team, making your business more efficient and error-free.

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