Design thinking reframes difficult problems in human-centric ways, letting the designers focus on what is most important to the user.

The world has changed drastically over recent decades, and to be successful designers need to be able to do the right research, create prototypes, and test new products to address user needs.

It is crucial to develop and refine skills that allow you to process and understand the changes occurring all around us.

The first step to design thinking is empathising with the consumers’ needs.

By focusing on the needs and problems of your customer, you put aside your own assumptions of the world and gain real insight into who you’re selling to.

Once you’ve gathered enough information, you then identify the problem that you’re going to solve.

When you know what the problem is, you then start brainstorming ideas. Look for alternative ways of viewing the problem and then come up with innovative solutions.

Never be afraid of thinking outside the box!

The next phase is experimental. After you or your team has an idea, or multiple, produce a scaled-down, inexpensive version of your product, and release it to the public.

Monitor the customer reactions to price, design, store display, etc., and adjust accordingly.

When you have the right product, the next step is making sure you have the right resources to manufacture, distribute, and sell it.

Testing your product is the final phase, but remember, design thinking is an iterative process!

This means that after you’ve tested it, you may find that the results redefine the problem itself, and thus you go back to an earlier phase to make the appropriate revisions.

Design thinking allows you to address the unmet needs of the people you are creating for as well as reduce the risk associated with launching new ideas.

To learn more watch the video below!

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