This course will give you an understanding of the why, who, when, how to make a great video testimonial. Video skills are very powerful and are an essential skill going forward. In fact, in 15 minutes you can make, edit, caption a powerful 60-second video.

What you’ll learn:

  • How to get a Powerful Testimonial from every customer.
  • How to capture video like a professional using your Mobile on a low budget.
  • How to handle Audio & Lighting without any technical skills.
  • Editing to get professional quality video.
  • How to share Customer Success Story as Photo & Video in different social media platforms effectively.
  • Everyone can make a video testimonial if they have a mobile phone or Zoom.
  • How to make video testimonials for your digital platforms at a fraction of the cost of hiring a professional
  • How to feel comfortable and confident on camera;
  • Create video content that converts to sales
  • Hardware – Cameras, Greenscreen, Lighting and Sound, Other Equipment
  • Software – Closed Captioning and Best Programs to Use Limited Places Available!


Upcoming Course

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