There is always a story behind every invention – the ah haa moment of insight, the creation, the challenge, building the tribe etc

Do you like innovation and entrepreneurship movies ?

Is there a film you are dying to see ?

I would love to see Flash of Genius.

Today we take the intermittent wipers for granted but their a story behind it’s invention. Actually the whole history and evolution of wipers is a interesting story. (I use that as a case study for my product evolution course)

If you are Netflix Amazon Prime or Apple TV or even Sky could you please screen it.

Do you love stories when someone takes that AH ha moment and takes it to market.

Do you like David & Goliath or big business/government vs the individual/small guy films ?

Does the idea of justice & FairPlay when someone small takes on a big company for stealing their idea.

Has this every happened to you ?

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