Design for Persuasion

Why Design for Persuasion?

In today’s business world, every product, service, process or habit is designed with an intent or purpose in mind.

Whether you’re voting or buying a product, the process that persuades you has been “designed”.

Today’s success comes from implementing these persuasion strategies.

From Marketing to UX Design, the Persuasion Strategy has become increasingly important to modern business.

This is why companies such as Google and Amazon have developed tried and tested successful persuasion techniques.

The persuasion model is a systematic process which maps out different touch points of a consumer.


In order to successfully target the consumer, we need to know where they are, when they’re there, who they are and how to catch them. From there, you can map out their journey and see where you can target them and what messages you can send. However, you also need to get them interested in you and your product.


To do so you either have to change their thinking, motivate them and reduce friction by making your product easy to purchase/use or create momentum.

The Persuasion Strategy is a design centric approach that can be implemented in all sections of a business. Whether designing your business strategy, pricing strategy, your product or your customer journey, persuasion is at the core of business success


Our workshop will help you design a successful persuasion model. We teach you how to use techniques and hacks from Neuroscience, Behaviour Science, Psychology, Sales and Marketing so you can develop a coherent strategy and framework be it online or traditional channels/platforms.


We will help you create leading edge strategies that can be applied to growing a user-base and changing current user behaviour.

Whether your focus is towards building your Brand Awareness/Image, Marketing Strategy, your Pricing Strategy or UX Design, we can guide you through the steps necessary to be a success!


By the end of the workshop, you will have a more effective sales and marketing engine that will drive your business to the next level.

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