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Do you have a Growth Mindset?
If you love the buzz of a start-up and like innovation, are IT savvy with a marketing outlook, keen to learn/grown and are self-organised but thrive in a dynamic environment then talk to us
Everyone gets the freedom to do their best work and the responsibility to achieve excellence. We value honesty, transparency, and courage. We do not control or have a policy for everything, but we are not for everyone. Please read carefully the below description before sending your CV.
Our approach is to coach not micromanage.

Person Profile
We believe teams self-select, so you should look to join a company where you feel at home and you fit in with the team. So let us tell you about the kind of people we are looking for.
Self Starter
We look for people that take initiative and want to do a good job. Team members are expected to be proactive.
As we are a young company, adaptability is key as new activities and tasks arise. People who understand the importance of adapting to changing situations and project evolve. They also know how to take precautions when working on issues that can have an adverse effect on project timescales or quality.
A team player
We need staff members that can work well in teams and that the team can rely on.
Commitment to succeed
We want people that know when they need to stay after hours (occasionally) to take care of a situation and do what it takes to succeed individually and for the team.
High sense of urgency
We have an ambitious and challenging timescale. We want people who have this sense. It places an emphasis on getting important issues resolved. We need people who know when it’s “all hands on deck.”
Technical competence
We want and need competent people. But competence doesn’t necessarily mean the employee has to have all the answers. Those that are capable of finding the right answers to solve new problems are our jewels and very valuable resources to the team.
Solid communication skills
We need people with the ability to communicate effectively with others. A “super professional” is limited if he can’t communicate well to develop a new enhancement or fix a problem. Strong verbal and written communication skills can set us apart from our competition.
Strong follow-up skills
Nothing is more frustrating than to have an employee drop the ball by not following up on a commitment or issue. It can probably do more harm to the credibility of the organisation than anything else—even incompetent work—as hard as that might be to believe. Good follow-up skills are essential.
Low maintenance
We want people that require low management maintenance. Employees that have to be constantly directed or supervised need to be in a different organization. We are a small and nimble company. We want the company to be effective and able to run well even when the “boss” is not around. We want to manage our staff by coaching, career development, performance planning, and feedback.

What do our people say about us?

I really enjoyed my time working with Manoj. This was the best time I ever had at a job. I never had so much fun working so hard and it is fair to say he builds a great work/team environment to be in. It was a great learning and development opportunity and I would say to anyone that if you have a chance work with Manoj, it will pay back tenfold. He has high expectations but gives you every opportunity to make it happen.
We learned to be part of a self-directed and self-managed team working on a number of projects. He would set us a goal, coach and mentor us and leave us with the responsibility to get it done. He was generous with giving us credit and fair in his feedback.
I have learned what it is like to work with a leader rather than a boss.
During the time I worked with Manoj, I worked on a wide range of projects such as organising and running training workshops on marketing/neuroscience, doing market research, preparing pitch decks for startups and making proposals to socialise new ideas to governments.
I also had the opportunity give a talk to over 150 people.
During this time, he taught us self-management skills such as goal setting, task management, project management and a whole host of technical skills such as all the tools to organise events and market them online. I also learned skills such as design thinking and making a learning journal as a review process.

Michael Butera

Intern 2018

Working with Manoj changed my concept of “internships”.

I used to think that an internship was an experience that involved making needless rounds of coffee and doing unimportant tasks. I am pleased to say that working with Manoj was a very different experience.

His style of working with a self-directed team is an effective way to motivate and ensure all tasks are completed. This style of management when compared to micro managing not only is more effective but provides a growth opportunity to the team as they overcome challenges and learn to work together.

He taught me that a good leader, leaves room for their team to learn and fail. By creating this space, I have been able to overcome obstacles and experiment with what tasks I do or don’t like.

One of the objectives we were given was Recruitment. During the hiring process, me and my colleague were in charge of initially selecting candidates and interviewing them. Giving us this responsibility not only provided a valuable experience but showed that a leadership style like Manoj’s will make a team more united and feel appreciated.

Manoj would offer advice and taught me how to be more organised. He also taught me valuable skills such as, how to manage my time, deal with cognitive load and how to be productive. However, the most valuable life lesson he taught me, was that work can be enjoyed and fulfilling. Manoj used to say a happy employee is a productive employee, I was both during my time working with him.

Working with someone as experienced as Manoj has proved to me that work life has changed. It is no longer a burden from nine to five. It can be meaningful and enjoyed. Manoj has often said that his contribution to making the world a better place, it by teaching and giving people a different work experience. I can say he has succeeded in doing so.

Alyosha Perez

Intern 2018

If you would like to join us, you can contact us at +353 1 9055720 between 11am and 4pm (Irish Time) Monday-Friday

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