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Design is Persuasion

In today’s competitive marketplace all businesses have a rapidly increasing need to design to give their business a competitive edge. We will take you though the most effective patterns, principles and techniques used by the most successful companies and show you how you can apply these to achieve your goal.


One Day Workshop

Book your ticket now as places are limited and will go on a first come first served basis.

Date:29th November 2018 Time: 10am to 6pm Location: Fitzwilliam Hotel, St Stephens Green, Dublin 2



Have you ever wondered how you could design the Perfect Persuasion/Sales System?


Would you like to know what is happening in the minds of your customers ?

Find out how your customers or users really think and behave ?

How valuable would it be to your business if your website or app or shop could increase & double:

  • conversion,
  • retention,
  • frequency of transactions,
  • transaction value per sale,
  • lifetime value and stickiness of your business..

This full day workshop wil be held at the conveniently located 5 Star Fitzwilliam Hotel.

The workshop is based on real work and strategies we develop for our clients.


Who is this for ?

It is aimed at CEO/Entrepreneurs, Marketing & Sales Professionals, Designers and Change Professionals who need to persuade users to join, buy, or change user behaviour.

This will be relevant for a whole host of businesses, online, offline, Apps, Games, Retail, etc.

* Please note that this is an at a special introductory price so at a special reduced rate.

We would suggest you bring a tablet if you have one as it will be useful.

Lunch and refreshments will be provided.



“I had the pleasure of attending Manoj’s talk at DCU on Startups….. He is articulate, easy to listen to. It is rare for someone to give such actionable advice”

Aran Joyce

Digital Marketing Consultant, ICO


Why should you attend this workshop?

Designing for Persuasion is about “baking in” the persuasion process into your business design, product/service and processes at the onset.

If you are an online (or offline) business discover the techniques and secrets successful organisations use and make your own playbook.

These techniques can be applied to existing businesses or startups.

While this will be focused on Online Businesses, we will also cover a whole host of persuasion techniques used by the whole range of organisations from Restaurants, Films, Retail, Charities and Governments.

For example think about how Dunnes Store use the €10 euro voucher for ever €50 euro you spend but you must come back in next 7 days.

Why Amazon use Dash, Alexa and Prime are critical to Amazon’s success ?

Find out how to use psychology, behaviour science & neuroscience to interest & engage users, drive them through the “persuasion process” to change behaviour and make them click, act or buy.

Find out how these techniques affect the dopamine, serotonin and other brain hormones and how to trigger behaviours and habits.

Understand how to design your user experience & sales process to be more persuasive

It goes beyond just functionality, usability, aesthetics and presentation and can be applied by practically any organisation.

We will also cover some of the Dark Patterns used by organisations to stop people from cancelling etc.



I first met Manoj when we both worked at BT and he is truly a remarkable individual. He is able to take large and complex situations (technical and non-technical), make sense of the vast amount of information, pull together a strategy that is coherent and finally explain it in bite-size chunks that are easily understood. Also one who keeps the final solution and benefits in mind as he works through and implements the agreed plan. Great professional to turn to when you need some clarity and get things done.

Azzy Aslam

Coach, Mentor, Trainer, University of Portsmouth



An interest in Marketing, Neuroscience, Behaviour Science, Psychology



What will you learn?

This intense one day workshop using deep learning techniques will show you the “real world” strategies and techniques to design and build “persuasion systems” into your or your client’s business.

The aim is not just to give you insight but also be practical, actionable and engaging.

At the workshop you will learn about the leading techniques in Psychology, Behaviour Science, Marketing, Neuroscience discovered by Nobel Prize Winners such as Kahneman (Thinking fast, Thinking Slow), Amos, Thaler (Nudge) , Schelling, Cialdani, Ariely, Levine, Weinschenk, Fogg, Eyal and numerous others.

We will show how companies such as Netflix, Amazon, Facebook, Linkedin, Google, Microsoft etc have built their business model around these principles to build successful, profitable and sustainable business models.

After this workshop you will be able to apply these techniques to your business, be it a online business (website/app), shop, restaurant or change behaviour if you are in government looking to change habits and behaviour.

Marketing and Selling should be baked into your business model.

We will take you though some of these patterns, principles and techniques used by some of the most successful companies and show you how you can apply these.

Would you like to be able to design and build the same persuasion techniques used by the best companies in the world.

You will uncover the techniques that companies such as Amazon, Netflix, Facebook, Google, Ebay, Linkedin, online gaming/gambling companies, travel sites and sticky apps such as Uber etc have baked into their business model such as:

  • Anchoring
  • Framing
  • 1-click,
  • curiosity,
  • social proof,
  • referrals, price comparison,
  • triggers,
  • and many many more.

The Science of Persuasion is about using techniques learnt from Behaviour Science/Behaviour Economics, NeuroScience, Psychology, Cognitive Behaviour, Nudges etc to Design the Total Experience from Product Design, Pricing, Marketing and the Sales Process or Behaviour Change in a coherent and consistent manner.



Course Details

In this workshop you will learn how to design for persuasion! By learning how people think and make desicions you can optimise your e-commerce platform, website, product design to increase sales and lead generation. Book now to secure your place.

Price: From €366.74

Students €150 (to avail of this price please contact us using the contact box below)




Date: 29th November  2018 Time: 10am to 6pm Location: Fitzwilliam Hotel, St Stephens Green, Dublin 2


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