Product Portfolio Management

Product Roadmap

Develop and launch products in half the time

– Better product

– Better market traction

– Save development costs

– Develope in half the time

– Gain organizational buy-in


“Outcomes not Output”

It takes a vision/customer lead approach to Product Development

For many product managers filling a product roadmap template becomes a never-ending chore and is the bane of their life.

This is not about a form to be filled but a process where the real change happens in the mind of the team.

This approach allows you to

  • Build products that evolve, are scalable, repeatable, reusable
  • Prioritise requirements
  • Deliver products that maximise revenue/returns
  • Gain organisational buy-in
  • Develop product families, evolve product lines in a cost effective/low risk manner

This practical course shows you how to create an effective product roadmap and demonstrates how to use the roadmap to align stakeholders, prioritize ideas and requests. This approach can be used for any type of “product” or service from software, hardware, a physical product, media/content, SaaS, and also internal “products and services” within an organisation. Our workshop will provide you with the right tools for the job through the approaches conveyed throughout the course.

This very popular course will help you to:

  • Improve the speed and efficiency in which you develop your products
  • Gain buy-in from team members and stakeholders
  • Reduce the stressors of making a roadmap
  • Maximize the lifetime value of your product
  • Build a high performance team.

Our courses are about thought leadership and bringing leading edge techniques that have been proven to work in the field and based on our practical experience of developing successful products and services. If you want to be the best and care about getting the best outcome, then this is for you.



 “Is this for you?”

This course is aimed at anyone involved in the product lifecycle or wanting to pursue a career in product development. Your product may be an internal product or service or a product for external customers, it may be a software, SaaS, Hardware, Content/Media and it could be a product for the consumer or BB/Enterprise Market.

Who this course would benefit:

  • Teams working in (NPD) New Product Development or launching a new product
  • Product Teams evolving existing product lines within an established company
  • Product teams – Product Managers/Owners, Marketing & Sales
  • UX/UI, Developers, Designers, Programme Managers, Scrum Managers, Development Managers
  • The CEO, entrepreneurs and leadership team of a startup

These approaches are complementary to whatever development approach you take be it Lean, Agile, Design Thinking/Service Desig, Design Sprints Waterfall etc.

We will also introduce you to broad range of tools so you have the best technique appropriate to your project.



This is an all day interactive workshop that will consist of coffee breaks as needed and a break for lunch.

Venue:      Fitzwilliam Hotel, St                                 Stephens Green Dublin 2

Date:            27th June 2019

Price:             Early Bird from only            £349.00 (plus VAT & Booking fee)

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Manoj Chawla MA ACMA FRSA

Manoj Chawla MA ACMA FRSA

Innovation Guru

Your Lead Trainer Our Innovation Guru

Manoj has a proven track record as an innovator.  He was given the largest award ever given for his work and “new Idea”  which allowed BT to rollout our low-cost internet and a whole range of products and helped evolve the network to a broadband platform.

As GM responsible for Business Transformation & Innovation, He has worked with teams to launch major new and innovative business such as the world first zero touch telco, Airwave the network for the UK emergency services and across a host of businesses.

He was responsible for developing e-Hr services for Accenture, the SAP practice at PWC, major improvements in profitability for companies such as Diageo, ICI and for clients such as M&S, British Gas etc.

As an entrepreneur he has worked on and launched numerous startups from social media starts up, food ordering apps, online estate agencies, mobile payment systems for Toll roads, Valet Storage etc.

He also works as a mentor for startups as part of a number of incubators and as a Keynote speaker.

Venue:      Fitzwilliam Hotel, St Stephens Green Dublin 2
Date:            27th June 2019

Price:             Early Bird from only £349.00 (plus VAT & Booking fee)

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Product Roadmap Testimonials

Brian Keegan

MD at 360 Group

Thomas Gillen

CEO & Co-founder

Dermot Breen

Manager at Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

Jean Molina


Pat King

CEO of IP-King

Suzanne Farelly

Owner at People and Results - Tailored HR solutions

“Manoj was employed by me to assist in the design and build of a start up JV company. He brought a real insight into the leading edge of technical and business model innovation that was vital in us designing a company that could stand out in its market. He worked as a mentor, educator and change leader in our technical and marketing teams, and was able to both challenge and support developments. I would highly recommend him to any company needing to get or stay ahead in its market. “

Steve Gandy

Non Exec & Advisory

“Working with Manoj Chawla, or simply attending one of the events he organises (and I’ve been to a few…), is purely amazing. His knowledge and years of hands-on experience are second to none. As a consultant dedicated to helping SMEs improve their Execution and Productivity – the combination of Effectiveness (doing the right things) with Efficiency (doing those things right) – I fully identify with Manoj’s approach to Product Development. He has a unique capacity to visualise the full business supply chain (from market need to customer satisfaction), to design and implement Structures, Processes and Skill-sets that will lead to success.”

Ricardo Santos

I drive the transition to increased Productivity & Results, through streamlined Project, Programmer, Portfolio Management

“Manoj was one of the mentors for aspiring entrepreneurs during AngelHack Global Hackathon Series Dublin Edition. He was an incredible addition to the initiative and supported our teams throughout the whole weekend. We were lucky enough to have him continue on this journey with us through the 3 months acceleration program and he ended up being our Mentor of The Year in 2018! His commitment, dedication and experience was incredibly inspiring for our team at AngelHack and, even more so, for the burgeoning startups and individuals wanting to bring to life their dreams. Looking forward to working with him in the future as he has much to teach and share!”

Gisele I. Karekezi

Europe Regional Manager at AngelHack

“Manoj is one of the very few people I would recommend. He has tremendous insight and is able to comprehend and communicate technological and business innovation as it evolves or disrupts. I worked with Manoj in a few different areas of BT Plc;  firstly in a Corporate Business Solutions team where he brought a consultative approach and leveraged partnerships/relationships that was significant in helping us to win large-scale, complex projects, then is BT Enterprises where he led on innovation and change helping to design many of the emerging companies from this unit and finally working with me of the start-up of BT Airwave as a separate business before it demerged as part of BT Cellnet which latterly became O2. I highly recommend Manoj to any company or people looking to innovate, start-up or collaborate and who want to get or stay ahead in its market. “

Dave Keegan

Associate at Ellare

“I have known Manoj for many years as a Colleague and his Mentor and Friend for many years, including BT plc. In that time I have recognised that of the many Businesses, Processes, Products and Applications that he has evolved and developed, there is one area, in which, he excels. That is in his analysis and articulation of customer requirements. His business experience and knowledge, combined with his breath, depth, entrepreneurial skill and technical experience enable him to develop products and solutions which build on the best available elements; which can be rapidly implemented and evolved to large scale implementations when required. Examination of Manoj’s recommendation often surprises, as they frequently exceed the initial perception, with additional options and opportunities identified through his intuitive understanding of the Sector and its evolving customer needs. As a result, his solutions tend to be ‘ahead of the game’, in a world where change is one of the few certainties.”

Richard Young

Managing Partner at Richard's Retirement Projects

“I took part in one of Manoj’s events on Developing ProductRoadmap, Manoj’s lecture was interesting with a solid knowledge!”

Norbert Michnowski

CEO at Mbooked

“We had Manoj as one of our HACKcelerator program mentors. The mentorship he provided to our startups had tremendous value as they worked to move their hackathon winning ideas into a viable company. His expertise and dedication were instrumental as they navigated through early-stage business development. I’m thankful to have Manoj within our mentorship network.”

Cassey Gatchalian

Accelerator Operations Director

“Thanks so much for the session last wednesday. It was really emjoyable and informative. I was able to take some great notes. As an operationally minded person, i really appreciate the reality over methodology approach you took. There is a really strong desire for this kind of event in Dublin. I wish you lots of success with this in the future and hope to see you at the next one.”

Rachael Tooher

Global Lead Digital Business Analyst at Aer Lingus

Location: Fitzwilliam Hotel, St Stephens Green, Dublin 2
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