Manoj was employed by me to assist in the design and build of a start up JV company. He brought a real insight into the leading edge of technical and business model innovation that was vital in us designing a company that could stand out in its market. He worked as a mentor, educator and change leader in our technical and marketing teams, and was able to both challenge and support developments. I would highly recommend him to any company needing to get or stay ahead in its market. Steve Gandy

Former CEO & Co-Founder, MeetingZone

I came to know Manoj through his Persuasive Design, Meetup group in Dublin, he has been the driving force behind organising a lot of interesting talks on cutting edge digital tech. and use of behavioural science through industry experts and pioneers. Manoj has excellent organisational skills, knowledge and passion for promoting knowledge sharing and building a vibrant tech. community in Dublin. I delivered a talk at one of his events and was absolutely delighted by the venue, audience and effort put together by him and his team. I wish him all the best in all his ventures!

Om Tandon

Director of User Experience, DIGIT (One of Ireland leading Games companies)

I had the pleasure of working with Manoj early in my career at BT in the late 1990s; during that time I had the opportunity of working on the most exciting ground breaking tech projects. We were thought leaders and visionaries and worked on projects such the the development and rollout of the intranet in BT and developing IP apps, prototypes. I worked with Manoj to develop the “first youtube app before youtube”, wireless networking. Speech recognition and many more things that are now common place. Working with Manoj helped me understand how to develop a vision, how technology can make our lives better “it technology doesn’t make your life better or simpler, why will people use it” and to build and motivate teams. It was the best fun I had apart from building my own businesses. Jacob Thundil

Managing Director, Cocofina

I first came across Manoj when he was a senior manager at BT in the mid 90’s. He was leading what was at that time a large change project but was also in technology terms one of the first and largest corporate IP applications and the one of the largest data warehouse applications and in the process he and his team rolled out many new technologies and ways of working. He is good at boundary breaking across corporate functional stove pipes and in building alliances and partnerships. He is able to roll out projects extremely quickly and a master at understanding customer requirements and market/stakeholder needs. During his corporate career, Manoj has been very much an Intrapreneur; developing new products and services and winning partnerships, be it with other large corporates or small start-ups. VCs and entrepreneurs would approach Manoj to validate ideas or to run alpha trials of new products and services. Everyone who knows him agrees that he is a “One man think-tank” constantly developing and rolling out new ideas and concepts anticipating market needs and trends, yet has a simple way to communicate them. His coaching style of leadership helps wins hearts and minds. Over the years that I have known him, his skills and experience have continued to grow and it is fair to say that he is like a polymath in the world of business and entrepreneurship. Having spent time with him recently, the wheels are still turning at a rapid rate and he is very much in-tune with all the markets he works in and many that he currently doesn’t, yet. Howard Longstaff

Director , The Associates Global Limited

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