Why Consider a Persuasion Strategy?

When you think of a site such as Reddit, do you think about the site layout, or do you think about its success?

If you were to analyse the design Reddit from an aesthetic point of view, it’s not very pleasing.

Yet it’s still a very successful forum.

This is due to the focus on Persuasion over having a slick design.


What could happen if this layout was changed?

A sudden overhaul of any layout can result in outcry, when Windows released the Windows 8 layout, Microsoft released Windows 10  to combat the dissatisfaction from users.

A more subtle example is when eBay wanted to change their layout from a yellow background to a white background. When they did it overnight, their users went crazy for them to change it back.

So they opted for a different approach. They changed the colour ever so slightly every day so users wouldn’t notice and overtime the background became white.

Considering this was a subtle change, imagine the reaction if Reddit completely revamped their design to make it more appealing to the eye.

See it’s not always about which site looks the best, it’s also about which one is easy to use and engaging to the user.

This is the importance of the Persuasion Strategy!

As a UX Designer, you must ask yourself is your persuasion strategy effective and have you even considered the persuasive aspects of your projects?

What we aim to do in our course is guide you through the concepts of persuasive design that you can use in your project.

We take things step by step to ensure you understand the importance of these concepts and how they can be applied to your persuasion strategy.

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